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Rocket Gang! A Fansite.

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Rocket Gang, Aka Rocket Dan, Aka Team Rocket is cool.

Ok so Poke'mon in the USA has all but dissapeared but there's those who still like it and are also big fans of the 'lovely charming villains' Jessie, James and Meowth- known in Japan as Musashi, Kojiro and Nyasu. Rocket Gang boss Giovanni sent them off to catch a certain pikachu, after 5 years they still haven't been able to steal him. In a way they've been sent off on their own sort of 'pokemon training adventure'.

There's a few differnt spellings for their names and some interesting history about Musashi and Kojiro's names.

Jesse's Japanese name, Musashi comes from the greatest Samurai ever to live. His name was Miyamoto Musashi, he developed the two sword style using the katana and wakizashi. If you would lile to learn about Musashi I recommend a great movie based on a book, Samurai- the book is HUGE over 1000pages! The 50's era movie stars the late great Mifune Toshiro, who was, like Musashi one of the greatest. Of course the movie is a bit romaticized-it mainly focuses on Musashi and his life up until his last duel with Sasaki Kojiro.

Yes, Musashi dueled Kojiro, another one of Japan's great Samurai. Musashi was a ronin for most of his life it seemed and traveled by foot all over Japan and he would hone his style by battling others, his final and greatest was his duel with Kojiro. Needless to say, Musashi killed Kojiro. It's a bit of irony that they named our favorite Rocket Gang characters after them. For the USA, they basically did the same thing but it's just one person Jessie James, the notorious outlaw- this makes more sense since they're bad guys and James was a outlaw.

Also, Musashi in his later years, lived in a cave as a hermit and wrote Go-Rin-No-Sho(hope I got that right!), which to us is Book of 5 Rings, this is a book on strategy in everything from business to life itself. You can find this in the business section at most book stores. On of my favorite things he said was to the effect of "do everything the hard way, you will appreciate it more". If I can find my copy of it, I can post exactly what it was.

More about the movie of Musashi. It is a trilogy, Samurai I Miyamoto Musashi, Samurai II Duel at Ichichoji Temple and Samurai III: Duel and Ganryu Island. Part I deals with Musashi's beginnings, how he had started at Takezo: outlaw to Musashi Miyamoto: Samurai; two deals with his training and three his duel with Kojiro. In there is a crazy love story going on. Find these in foreign films sections, and it's NOT DUBBED, thank goodness!! It's subtitled. Mifune's acting is excellent as usual.

About our favortie heros:

Jessie / Musashi:

Jess can be described as a hotheadded, short tempered, abusive bitch. She says she was a poor child, her mom made her snowgasbord for dinner and never could afford Pokemon Princess Dolls. Under all the roughness there is another side to Jessie, she is incredibly loyal to her friends and cares about them and her Pokemon.  She's a thin barbie-doll figured gal, probably between 18-21, maybe 5' 8", she has this beauty queen mentality and her wild red hair as she says is her crowning glory. Currently in the USA, her pokemon are Arbok and Wobbuffet.

James / Kojiro: 

James is a rich boy runaway. For good reason, his mentally abusive Southern parents wanted him to marry an abusive, even more so than Jessie, girl from next door named Jessiebell(bad gag there, she looks like a Southern Jessie). Jessiebell wanted to make him a proper gentleman, he wanted to be himself, he split leaving his best friend Growlie the Growlith at home.  James is all into himself, just like Jessie is. He is a tad shorter than Jessie, has crazy blueish/lavenderish hair and always has a rose. It's like his trademark.  James is not very brave but when it come to the defense of his pals nothing gets in his way. He is loyal to Jessie, he looks up to her. I'm not a total rocketshipper, but I think he secretly has something for her.  His favorite Pokemon is his Weezing. He also has a Victreebel that always wants to eat him. Dunno what's up wit' dat!

Meowth / Nyasuu:

Meowth, , is a smart talking Pokmon feline. Formerly the boss's favorite. The US version portrays him as a wisecracker, I hear the Japanese Nyasuu is more of a thinker and philosophical cat. Meowth is a typical looking Meowth, he has tan fur, funky whiskers, a BIG mouth <g> and a ryu coin on his forehead - I've wondered if he uses super glue to keep it there. His coin is fashioned after ancient Japanese coins.


My opinion of J&J as trainers: If your Pokemon evolve because they WANT to make you happy, they must be somethin' else. Ekans and Koffing both evolved by choice for J&J. And despite being bad guys the take good care of their pokemon.

For fun: if I could put my own team together my Pokemon would be:

Why do I like Pokemon as much has I do? Especially a mom?  I'm 31, I have a great 8 year old son, why not have something in common with your kid?  Plus the creatures are unique and being an animal person I like to see non-existing creations. These ones are probably the most interesting in appearance. The whole premise of Pocket Monsters is very original, there hasn't been anything similar to it.

The premise is basically: go on adventure as a kid, with no adults and catch creatures with special powers and train them to beat the crap out of others. Meanwhile become friends with rivals and your creatures. Not to mention keep bad guys, aka Rocket Gang - a sort of pocket monster mafia - from taking your super powerful animal.


Here's the Links:

There's isn't much on here yet, the fict and art are not posted. My art will probaby be silly anyways. The fiction is in the works actually. ScreenCaptures are in nice Jpg. formats, keeps that high resolution!

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